Dear Avi: I wanted to let you know our picture arrived yesterday in perfect shape. Thank you so much for your attention to shipping. We are looking forward to enjoying our picture forever and embracin | Debby Passo |
Hi from Martin Freeman in South Africa | Martin Freeman |
. I received the piece in perfect condition along with the $200. | Judith Goldsmith |
Maybe 1 minute after I sent you this email, the door bell rang with my sculpture!! | Ellen Leventhal |
Our painting arrived today, and it looks wonderful! Thank you so much for all of your help and the fast shipping. We will enjoy looking at the street in Zfat! | Rena Malkofsky-Berger |
Avi as you can see our Shir L'Maalos has a new home. Please tell the artist, we love it!! | Judy & Dr. Allen Rubin |
We purchased a menorah which was shipped to us in Corte Madera, CA. it arrived today and thank you very much. | Eric Liberman |
Hi Avi, Thank you very much . I wanted to tell you that the painting is absolutely beautiful. I can't thank you enough for organizing everything and being very patient about answering all my questions | rhona.morris |
Thank you so much for the picture of the sculpture. We did enjoy our trip to Isreal very much and will treasure the items we bought in your gallery. We have received the 4 person sculpture and are w | Arnold Scham |
Dear Avi Thank you for arranging to make and ship the base for the Benshalom sculpture. We have been enjoying both pieces very much, and appreciate your help in selecting them and in getting them to u | Lois Ebin |
The art work arrived today...It is beautiful, and my husband is thrilled with my selection. | Sandy Friter |
Dear Avi The base for the Itzik Benshalom sculpture arrived today, and it looks great. Thank you for taking care of this for us Best Lois | Lois |
Good afternoon Avi ,Our sculptures arrived here in Pennsylvania at our home packed beautifully and in perfect condition.They sit in our living room for all to see.Each time we pass the work it reminds | Don & Judy Cooper |
Hi, Avi. We just received the Vered Bronze Sculptures by Itzik BenShalom. They are beautiful and look amazing on our bar. You did an incredible job packaging the sculptures. | Geri and Luis Brafman |
The painting is here, it arrived today. It is undamaged and very beautiful on our wall. Thanx. L’shana Tova. | Ishy alter |
Extremely happy with your services Looking forward to a fruitful relationship | Richard Levi |
I would like to confirm that the painting arrived last week. It's absolutely beautiful and will look wonderful in our living room. We will send you a photo once it is hung.Thank you very much, we appr | Naomi Newman |
We now received the painting and it is just amazingly beautiful. We all love it and it was worth waiting a little bit.Thanks a lot for everything ,Kind regards,. | Sarah Hediger |
Hi Avi, The sculpture arrived perfectly yesterday. Thanks so much. | Robin and Craig Small |
Avi,The picture has safely arrived. Thanks | Janice Sergeant |
Hi Avi,Package containing art work x 2 arrived safely.Ellis & Sharlene Chimes | Ellis & Sharlene Chimes |
Dear Avi- I received my sculpture. Ot is so beautiful, and I am so happy to have it. | Marjorie Feld |
Avi Sade: Received the "Lovers"- 118 Bronze sculpture and love it. Thank you so much for the speed of sending the sculpture. Both Jane and I were amazed and grateful. | David Bloomgarden |
The sculpture arrived in fine shape. It is beautiful. | Michael Gelfand |
We received the painting. It is as beautiful as I remember it in your gallery. Thanks for your help | Eunice Hershman |
We finally received it today and it's as gorgeous as we remember. Thank you so much for putting up with me through this. It was definitely worth the wait. | Jeffrey Satz |
Shalom Avi, Thank you for your prompt reply. We shall track the shipment. But for the scud missile we encountered in Eilat, we had a memorable time in your amazing country. Your gallery is most impressive and you were so kind, we look forward to returning. Take care, | Donald |
Avi, Sculpture arrived in good shape - terrific packaging. It plays very nicely with other objects in our living room! Thank you. Take care, | Donald |
Dear Avi Just wanted to let you know that the package arrived for Di Ford and myself a couple of days ago. Thank you so much for the delivery and for the amazing way the parcel was packaged; it was a pleasure to do business with you and I am sure will will do so in he future. Kind regards | Jennifer Aaron |
Avi, checked all. Perfect and beautiful. Thanks do much. Marla Sassoon | Marla Sassoon |
Dear Avi Sade, The sculpture arrived safely and the two “extra” items came as well. Your packing is amazing by any standard. No damage! They are more wonderful than we even remembered. We are thrilled to own this magnificent piece of art; a privilege, really! Looking forward to the pedestal to finish our “installation at which time we plan to have a party in celebration. We are certainly happy that we found your Gallery! We will send our friends in your direction in the coming year. We will get back to you soon about the pedestal dimensions. Our warmest regards, Bill Swaim and Shana Lowitz | Bill Swaim and Shana Lowitz |
I arrived in Safed late one afternoon in February. With barely any time before sundown, I hustled out of my hotel, turned left, and headed toward the artists quarter. The first gallery I reached intrigued me with its sculptures and one in particular caught my eye. I left the city the next morning without having time to return and unfortunately I didn't remember the name of the gallery, the artist, or the sculpture. After several long Google searches, I found out I had been at the Olive Tree Gallery. Then the fun began. On a lark I sent an email to the Olive Tree manager Avi Sade, and between the two of us we figured out I had been admiring the Rose Bull by Itzik Benshalom. I hadn't met Avi on my trip, didn't know anything about the gallery for certain, and really had no way of knowing if the sculpture that caught my eye was in fact Artist Proof no. 1, the last of only 9, as Avi said it was. But I did get to know Avi a bit speaking with him several so I held my breath and purchased the sculpture sight unseen in a country far from the States. It arrived right on schedule exactly as Avi promised, signed, sealed and delivered. I am hardly a collector although I do have some familiarity with classical sculpture and a bit of modern. I believed the work is a masterpiece and believe it even more since it arrived. This was hardly a planned purchase, but I did not want to risk waiting and Avi did not disappoint. Avi was true to his word and then some and now I have a friend in the Safed art world. I'll be back in Israel later this year and this time I'll let Avi know in advance. | Bob Seldon |
Avi, we recieved the painting in our home in perfectly condition. Thank you very much for all your kindly attentions, and we keep in touch. Best Regards Rafael | Rafael Harari |
Avi – The sculpture has arrived and is in perfect condition as you promised. The scratch is gone and the base looks like new. We would like the cream colored pedestal 100 cm x 30 cm. When do you think it will be ready? Thank you! Reed. | Reed P. Sexter |
Dear Avi, The pedestal arrived today in perfect condition. As you can see in the picture, it looks beautiful with the sculpture. We plan to have a party soon in celebration to share Itzik's wonderful creation with friends. We feel privileged to have possession of this special and unique sculpture, | Bill Swaim and Shana Lowitz |
Avi, The sculpture arrived today in good condition. Thanks, Harris Miller | Harris Miller |
Greetings from Chicago! Avi Sade sent us the pedestal for our sculpture and it arrived yesterday. As you can see it is beautiful and we are honored to have such a treasure in our possession. We are having a family party Sunday to share with Shana's family. We thank you again for your " guidance" and for bringing us to the Olive Tree Gallery. Give our love to your wonderful and hospitable family. Shabbat Shalom Bill and Shana Will send a second picture. | Bill and Shana |
Avi, Received our picture today. It arrived in perfect shape, no damage, and looks just as great hanging on our living room wall as we thought it would. It was a pleasure doing business with you. Shavua tov, Mike | Mike Adams |
Received. Beautiful. Thanks. | Scott Dudak |
Dear Avi, We received the sculptures and placed them in our home. My wife and I cannot thank you enough for taking care of them and forwarding them back to usWe would recommend to other friends to stop at your Gallery when visiting Safed. Best Regards, | Herb Golden |
Shabbat Shalom Avi I hope you are well Our magnificent painting arrived safe and sound at the bottom of the world—New Zealand.We have hung it in our home and it is just beautiful.Your service, advice and honesty has been amazing. Thank you.If you get an opportunity to speak with Sergei please tell him his work has reached the far flung corner of our planet and hangs there with pride.We look forward to doing more business with you our next visit to Israel.Best wishes and kind regards . | Stephen kruger |
Hi Avi! The pedestal actually arrived earlier today! It looks great...and we also received the rubber device that allows it to spin. Thank-you very much for building it and for getting it over to looks fantastic! I hope you have a great rest of your week. Hopefully we'll come by and shop some more on our next visit! | Barry Gang |
Dear Avi, thank you for all of your help and fabulousyou for all of your help! service. Our painting of faces made it to Rochester quickly, perfectly wrapped and it looks great!! we thank !!great service | mark wohlfeld |
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